HARMAN’s DigiTech Pedals Can Take Everything The Spits’ Sean Wood Can Dish Out

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Loud, noisy and dirty punk for the people – that’s the Spits for you. No here today, gone tomorrow punk band, the Spits and guitarist Sean Wood have been dishing out their sonic mayhem since 2000, with six albums and 15 singles under their belts. Through it all, Wood has done his best to abuse HARMAN’S DigiTech pedals, with no end in sight.

Wood started playing 18 years ago in Kalamazoo, Michigan and soon moved to Seattle, playing music for fun with the guys in the band who eventually became the Spits. “We weren’t pleased by most of the bands out there at the time. We wanted to be original and powerful,” explained Wood. Tours with Marky Ramone, King Khan and the Shrines, NOFX, Rocket from the Crypt and others followed and today, Spits continues to excite – and pummel – their audiences with their frenzied, yet wilfully controlled and crafted sound.

The Spits have used DigiTech gear on every one of their past and present projects and tours. From the PDS 3000 and 8000 delay pedals to the Metal Master distortion pedal. For the current tour they’re using two Vocalist Live 5 vocal harmony processors, a JamMan Solo looper pedal and the iStomp programmable pedal.

“The Vocalist Live 5 has been especially useful on the road. As a touring band we have to deal with different venues, PA systems and sound engineers and it’s nice to always have your vocals the way you want them! The Vocalist Live 5 is the best – it has so many vocal ranges and effects to choose from. And like all the DigiTech pedals we’ve used, it’s very tough, which is important when you’re pounding on your gear without mercy night after night,” stated Wood.

“We use the JamMan Solo with our keyboards. It helps us to create compelling intros and outros –it’s just ideally suited for live performance.” Wood has recently discovered the usefulness and convenience of the iStomp. “Instead of bringing six pedals to the studio or the stage I can bring one, and get pretty much any sound I want – I love it.”

The Spits continue on their unconventional path as they finish up their new four-song EP…sung entirely in German. The Spits are also working on a new album, due in 2013 and as if that weren’t enough, they’re are working on a cable TV show called “Chucky and the Spits.”

“I need pedals that are tough as steel, practical and sound great,” Wood concluded. “DigiTech pedals have all of these qualities.”

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